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WHO IS Waltriessa ?

Welcome to Waltriessa's official website! Waltriessa is a highly sought-after and respected professional in the Entertainment Industry. With her diverse skill set as an Actor, Spokes Model, Content Creator, Entertainer, Event Manager, and Voice Actor, she has made her mark in numerous Projects and Advertising Campaigns across TV, Film, Print Ads, Commercials, Live Events, and Social Media Brand Marketing. Known for her exceptional event staffing and hospitality services, Waltriessa is renowned for delivering excellence. Her talent and expertise have earned her a stellar reputation within the Event Marketing Community. Explore the world of Waltriessa and discover how she can elevate your next event or promotional campaign.

WHY HIRE Waltriessa ?

When it comes to reaching consumers at the pivotal moment of brand engagement, Waltriessa is the go-to talent for discerning clients who understand the power of effective representation. As a VIP veteran in the industry, her clients are rest assured that booking Waltriessa means their event or media production logistics are in capable hands. With complete confidence in her ability to embody their brand, clients can focus on the finer details knowing that they have secured the services of a true professional. Don't miss out on the opportunity to leverage Waltriessa's expertise and elevate your brand to new heights.


                       28                                                          2,002
 Professional Talent Years                           Successful Bookings 


*To Elevate your Company's Brand Message. 

*To Connect your Image with the Consumer.

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