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It's a Personality Test to find out which underwater sea creature do you match with! The easiest & most fun quiz that you'll ever take. 🌈🦑 And it's mermaid approved by Mermaid Syrena. Are you a dolphin, a whale, a fish or even an octopus. What are we waiting for?! Let's DIVE IN!

Question 1: What's Your Favorite Thing to Do at the Beach?

  • a) Play in the waves

  • b) Build sandcastles

  • c) Explore tide pools

Finding unique things to do at the beach is easy because the possibilities are truly endless. Most people don't like playing in the waves because they are constantly crashing & can be quite large. SAFETY 1ST! If there's a sandbar out at sea near the beach shore, don't miss your chance to play in the waves. You just might see Mermaid Syrena out there, too. And now you're swimming with a real mermaid.

Building sandcastles are so much fun, especially when it's a competition. How tall can you build your sandcastle at the beach? How many different rooms & buildings make up the full sandcastle? Did you remember to use water mixed in with the sand for your sandcastle to stick together without coming apart easily? Did you also remember to not build your sandcastle too close to the beach shore because as the tide changes & moves up the shoreline, it could destroy your sandcastle, oh no! Mermaid Syrena loves sandcastles & so do all mermaids. Keep building them when you go to the beach & maybe you will see a mermaid on the beach shore. :)

Question 2: How Do You Feel About Making New Friends?

  • a) Love meeting new friends

  • b) Prefer a small group of close friends

  • c) Like having a few close friends

Making friends is wonderful! You will have someone to go to the beach with you in the summers & hang outs on the weekends. No to mention, friends are great to invite to your birthday party, too! And then you can also get to attend their birthday party. Mermaid Syrena is sooooo happy that you're her mer-fin.

Question 3: What's Your Favorite Color?

  • a) Blue

  • b) Green

  • c) Orange

There's a lot of colors to choose from but this question only has way! I know, do your best, take your time & pick one color that fits your personality. Do you like the blue ocean water or the blue sky? Or fresh cut green grass? What about yummy fruit, an orange?

Question 4: How Do You Handle Challenges?

  • a) Face them head-on

  • b) Take your time to solve them

  • c) Find creative solutions

Sometimes things can get pretty tough. Maybe your friends cancelled a playdate or you didn't get a good grade on your test. How do you handle difficult challenges? You can't just put your bad grade under your bed or hide it & hope that it'll go away. We must face our challenges head on, take our time solving them and find creative solutions. But in this question you must choose only one that fits the way that you handle challenges.

Question 5: What's Your Preferred Way of Traveling?

  • a) Swim fast

  • b) Walk at a steady pace

  • c) Move gracefully

Mermaids travel by swimming & by walking. It really depends on the environment, you know. If Mermaid Syrena is under the sea, she's swimming peacefully with her floating behind her & her scales shining in the sunlight. If she's on land, she's walking everywhere to be on time to hang out with friends and family. There's many different ways to travel. What's your preferred way of traveling?

Question 6: What's Your Favorite Type of Weather?

  • a) Sunny and warm

  • b) Mild and breezy

  • c) Rainy and cool

When it's warm outside or breaezy or rainy and clod, what do you like to do most in different types of weather? Now think of your favorite type of weather? Mermaid Syrena loves very warm weather but she has to be careful that her scales don't dry out during those high temps.

Question 7: How Would You Describe Your Personality?

  • a) Energetic and playful

  • b) Easygoing and patient

  • c) Clever and adaptable

Your personality type says a lot about you to others, especially strangers who don't know you very well. How would you describe yourself to them, when meeting them for the first time.

Question 8: What's Your Favorite Underwater Activity?

  • a) Racing through the water

  • b) Gliding along the ocean floor

  • c) Playing hide and seek in the coral

OH MY BUBBLES! This is a mer-tastic question. Racing through the water as a mermaid is thrill like no other. Gliding along the ocean floor is like taking a calm walk on the beach but better. And playing hide & seek in the coral is like hiding in your closet while your friend looks for you. It's exhilarating to move side to side behind the coral so the fish can't see you.


Now, let's find out which sea creature matches your answers!

  • If you mostly chose (a), you're a Dolphin! 🐬

  • If you mostly chose (b), you're a Turtle! 🐢

  • If you mostly chose (c), you're a Clownfish! 🐠

  • If you have a mix of (a) and (b), you're an Octopus! 🐙

  • If you have a mix of (a) and (c), you're a Seahorse! 🌊🐚

Thanks for taking the sea creature personality test! Comment below which sea creature you are and share this video with your friends to find out their underwater match. Don't forget to subscribe for more fun quizzes and adventures! 🌟👧👦🐙🐚



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