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Entertainment | Wilmington, NC | Mermaid Party

What do you remember most about an awesome party? ENTERTAINMENT!!! Every guest wants to be entertained, shocked, and amazed by a memorable performance. Especially entertainment that they can't perform themselves. Mermaids are very unique in fitting this criteria. Meeting a real mermaid in person is like a fantasy come true. Most people have so many questions, yet others can't seem to form one word to ask any of them. Now, ask your self, what were your guest talking about after your last party? Was it the food, the decorations, the party favors or was it the surprise entertainment? No matter what your party theme is, a mermaid entertainer will surely surprise your party guest. Here are some super party themes to invite a mermaid to entertain for: Birthday Parties (Kids & Adults), Baby Showers, Wedding Receptions, Anniversaries, Grand Openings, Community Gatherings, Repass (Repast) Banquets, Graduation Parties, and any Shell-a-brations (Celebrations). We have different mermaid tail colors to choose from to fit your party theme. And both ON LAND & SWIMMING POOL PARTIES are available for booking.


Mermaid Bubbles

Mermaid Treasure

Mermaid Q&A

Mermaid Photo Shoot

Swimming w/a Mermaid

LOCATIONS: In Person: Wilmington, NC-North Carolina-South Carolina-Virtual Online

"sea" you soon


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