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In the big, blue ocean, there is a magical mermaid named Syrena. She has shiny, sparkly scales, goldie mermaid tail & a sweet sounding voice. She lived a busy life under the sea, but one sunny day, she decided to take a break and relax on a hammock by the shore.

As Syrena lay on the hammock, swaying gerntly back & forth , a little girl named Lucy peaked out of her bedroom window and watched in amazement. The little girl loved mermaids and so was so excited to see one relaxing on a hammock just like she did on lazy afternoons.

Little Lucy watched as Syrena closed her eyes and let the gentle swaying of the hammock lure her into a peaceful slumber. She was so relaxed and happy. And the little girl felt like she was getting sleepy too, just by watching.

As Syrena rested, a pretty little bird flew up to the hammock to say welcome, Syrena. The little girl watching from the bedroom window couldn't believe her eyes as she watched the mermaid and the bird interact. She wished she could run downstairs and talk with them, too!!!

The sun began to set, Mermaid Syrena got up from the hammock and slipped back into the water. The little girl waved goodbye, sad to see her new friend go. But she knew she would always have the memory of this magical afternoon.

So, if you ever feel like y9uneed a break, just like Mermaid Syrena did, you can rest & relax on a hammock, just like little girl Lucy does. Who knows, maybe one day you will even see a mermaid lounging off the shore!

🧜🏾‍♀️oh My Bubbles! 💦

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