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2022 WEEKLY ACTING VLOG by Actor Waltriessa

WHAT HAPPENED? It's week 5 of 2022 & I'M CELEBRATING 3 Scripted Voice Actor Auditions, 1 Voice Actor Submission, and 1 Print Model Submission. And I finally received my 1st round of SAG Movies to screen so that I can vote on best movies, TV shows & actors. Each week, I go behind the scenes on what it's actually like to be a working actor. Being a working actor is hard work but I love SHOW BUSINESS. There's no business, like showbusiness. What's it like to get an acting audition, submission, avail (availability check) from a casting director, or callback audition? It all unfolds right here in my vlogs. In addition to all of these wonderfiul things, I prepare for roles, script memorization & learn acting tips that have helped along the way. Then I tell you all about those acting tips because sharing is caring.

It's always been important to me to incorporate self care into my weekly & daily routine: with reading daily motivations, essential oils, at home bubble baths, body scrubs, facials, painting my nails, sitting in silence, going on daily walks outdoors, touring my city, taking aa swim, going to the beach & so much more. How do you self care? Are you a fellow actor, casting director, film director, or just love film & TV shows? Great!!! Share your advice, I'd be delighted for your feedback.



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