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Las Vegas Strip jobs | Come to work with me as a model at Mandalay Bay

EPISODE 2: The same makeup artist who does Ellen Degenerous makeup for her TV Show, did actor Waltriessa's makeup today! Come to work with me as a model for MUD Makeup Artistry in Las Vegas, at Mandalay Bay resort.


Waltriessa has her makeup done by an amazing makeup artist who also does the makeup for some pretty awesome people in television. As a makeup model during a live, in person convention, folks are watching her get her makeup done by a professional. The goal is to sit still and get dolled up by someone else. It's great! But the star of the event isn't professional actor & model Waltriessa, it's MUD makeup artistry, a cosmetics company that's used by professional makeup artist to be used with ease.


On today's commute to work on the Las Vegas strip, I took the free tram. Wow! nothing is free anymore but this. The tram is constantyly running & it's quick, too. I walk from my place at The Signature MGM Grand & then cross the street to the Excalibut to board the tram to Mandalay Bay resort. Yep, the Signature is a luxury high rise on the strip & is residential. I love it! Very convenient. Once I get on the tram, it's a short ride to Mandalay Bay but then...


I must walk all the way to the back of Mandalay Bay to the Conventin Center, in order to get the event. This long does take some time & that's why it's important to plan ahead. But I'm used to it, so it's become a breeze. Plus commuting by foot & taking the tram are my 2 favorite forms of getting around. Even if the tram had broken down, which it does sometime, I could just walk the entire way.

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Living in a Luxury High Rise in Vegas

"Live like a tourist but travel like a local."

Hi ✈️Travel Barbie🏎💃🏾 This week we're taking a look into my VEGAS DEAR DIARIES, as I live like a tourist in the most sought ought vacation, entertainment destination in the world. Can you actually live on LAS VEGAS BLVD aka THE LAS VEGAS STRIP? YES!!! Your travel guide & local friend, UGC Creator & actor/model Waltriessa takes you inside her daily life. Most VEGAS locals avoid the strip (Las Vegas Blvd) at all cost but Waltriessa has enjoyed a life of luxury on a tight budget living in 2 different high rises on the strip...The Signature at MGM GRAND Resort & VEER TOWERS at the ARIA Resort. A lifestyle uniquely to her, she's thrilled to share her daily routines, swimming at the ultimate resort pools, eating comped meals at high end restaurants, finding all of the free things to do in Las Vegas, working as a full-time model/actress at festivals, concerts, tradeshows & conferences. And remember to look up when you're walking around Vegas because Waltriessa is on advertising billboards, pamphlets, brochures, sidewalk posters, storefront window ads and even jumbotrons. Come on travel Barbie, put on your travel must haves and let's TRAVEL LIKE A LOCAL from a friend who LIVES LIKE A TOURIST. 😎sunnies 👙swimsuit 🧴sunblock 😊smile 🩴sandals 🏖sunshine


Waltriessa is a professional actor, model and UGC creator (content creator). She'd be delighted to work alongside you for all of your marketing, advertising, promotional needs. Actor Print Model Voice Actor SpokesModel Brand Ambassador/Product Demonstrator UGC Creator / Content Creator TV/Film/Commercials/Print/Social Media/Marketing/Promotions/Ads



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