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VEGAS 🪙 rewind | local tourist diaries 🧁 | living on the strip, Ceasars Palace, Cosmo rooftop pool

Episode 1: working at The Cosmo rooftop pool, Caesars Palace pool, Comped dinner at TAO restaurant for girls night & a few other promo modeling brand ambassador gigs.

Hi ✈️Travel Barbie🏎💃🏾 This week we're taking a look into my VEGAS DEAR DIARIES, as I live like a tourist in the most sought ought vacation, entertainment destination in the world. What's it like living on LAS VEGAS BLVD aka THE LAS VEGAS STRIP? Your travel guide & local friend, UGC Creator & actor/model Waltriessa takes you inside her daily life. Most locals avoid the strip (Las Vegas Blvd) at all cost but Waltriessa has enjoyed a life of luxury on a tight budget living in 2 different high rises on the strip...The Signature at MGM GRAND Resort & VEER TOWERS at the ARIA Resort. A lifestyle uniquely to her, she's thrilled to share her daily routines, swimming at the ultimate resort pools, eating comped meals at high restaurants, finding all of the free things to do in Las Vegas, working as a full-time model/actress at festivals, concerts, tradeshows & conferences. Come on travel Barbie, put on your travel must haves and let's TRAVEL LIKE A LOCAL from a friend who LIVES LIKE A TOURIST.








It's the grand opening weekend at the kick off for summer at THE COSMOPOLITAN ROOFTOP POOL (The Cosmo). WOW! No Way! I was booked as an atmosphere model for the 3 day weekend. The Cosmo gifted us with a complimentary hotel room, all meals were comped & we had to make a couple of appearances at the Cosmo Rooftop Pool! Yep, this is my job, someone pinch me...OUCH! :) My duties for the weekend: enjoy the resort, your hotel room, food, the rooftop swimming pool that overlooks the Las Vegas strip and be seen on property having the most amazing time, ever! "BIG SIGH" just breathe, this is real, this is your life. Thank yo to the Cosmo for providing such a fresh, fun & fabulous environment for locals like me to experience, as well as visiting tourist. You make all of your guest feel special.


Today I had the opportunity to be featured in a TV Commercial spot for tourism in paradise, Las Vegas, for Caesars Palace swimming pool. What a beautiful sunny day to be working at one of the most peaceful, upscale, clean resort pools on the strip. Wardrobe dressed us in the well-known white bikinis that the staff wear at Caesars Palace. The other actors that I worked with were absolutely beautiful! We all wore white wedges (platform sandals) as instructed by the head wardrobe lady. I was literally so excited to be there, even though I've been in countless commercials, TV shows & movies. Getting a bit nervous and excited is still a great feeling. In the scene, were walked acting as if we worked at the Caesars Palace attending to the guest as they enjoyed their fabulous vacation.


Woohoo!!! GIRLS NIGHT at TAO Restaurant inside the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. I know you must be asking how do I get comped meals at beyond 5 star restaurants in Las Vegas on the strip? I can't tell you my secret :) But it's a wonderful of knowing the right people before ever relocating to Vegas & working as professional actor, model, content creator, and entertainer in the performing arts industry. I LOVE MY CAREER! It's unique but it's also very demanding, so when I have the opportunity to treat my friends to a nice meal, I do so. TAO always treated us very well, as if we were paying customers, too. They sat us in the front of the restaurant, as we wore our finest evening dining attire with matching shoes and purses. The waitstaff was always happy to see us & management usually stopped by to say a quick hello and to thank us for coming out. I could never afford to eat at such a fine establishment, while on an artist salary, therefore I'm filled with gratitude and always come with a smile. My friends & I also tipped the staff for the service, hospitality & the yummy food. TAO restaurant also has the coolest decor from Asia. It's literally my favorite high end, upscale restaurant on the Vegas strip. When I asked for hot water because it's what I drink before a meal, they went to a separate place upstairs to bring the kettle down to me that's from Asia. GOSH, ya'll didn't have to do that for me. But that's why they are so different and stand-out. They care about their customers. My friends & I were laugh & share stories about our work week in Vegas over a delicious complimentary meal. It was truly a blessing to have such moments with them. Living on Las Vegas blvd was always my dream come true. Some locals choose to never come to the strip & I was a local who lived on the strip, just like a tourist.


Back in the day! Hard Rock Hotel was the place in Las Vegas. If you weren't here, you were at the Palms Resort. We'll be discussing them in a later blog. On this evening, I was booked a Mannequin Model for one of the cute, little boutiques across the street from the Hard Rock. Obviously, lots of tourist shopped here while they were staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. It had swimsuits, jeans, tops, shoes, dresses for day or night. And rocked all of these at the Fashion Show. It was such an experience. Being a mannequin model is so different form being a print model in magazine, pamphlet and such or being a model in a TV Commercial or show. As a mannequin model, I was face to face with the audience who attended, no stage, just on the same level. It was strange at first but the more we changed into different outfit, I began to get used to being out there on the floor. HOW FUN! My good friends came out to support me and even took the photos that you see in vlog.

Waltriessa is a professional actor, model and UGC creator (content creator). She'd be delighted to work alongside you for all of your marketing, advertising, promotional needs.



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