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Paris, France TRAVEL VLOG girls trip | Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, room tour, dancing on Seine River

Hi Travel Barbie, come along with us n a girls trip to Paris, France before 2020. Oh my gosh! where are we going?

Eiffel Tower at day & night

The Louvre


Seine River



Tour de France

Have you been to France? Where did you eat, did you stay in a hotel, what are your top 5 places to visit, what do you remember most & what were you most shocked to see? We couldn't believe that no one wore French Nail Polish.

Why didn't I like Paris, France & why did I ask for my money back at the airport upon departure?

HOTEL: The hotel room was quite small and so was the bathroom. But we had lots of laughs in this room. Especially on day one after we checked in, having just have left the airport. Living on the Las Vegas strip has spoiled me. When I travel anywhere, I immediately compare it to the best of the best, VEGAS BABY! And it's not fare because no other city's hotels compare. The maid left our hotel balcony door/window open one day while in France & we were mortified! Who does that!?

FOOD: For sure, not the favorite foods list for me. I didn't like the hard bread & bland taste to every single dish. Thankfully I found a shrimp salad there that I ate every night. I love a wonderful dessert but the french pastries aren't good to me. Maybe it's the process and ingredients of which they are made and the fact that they are way too small.

Bathrooms: Good thing that we are tiny girls because these bathrooms and their stalls are way too tiny. How does anyone live here who weigh more than us?

PEOPLE: French people aren't very friendly. But the German Hotel Keeper where we stayed on our vacation was a delight. He smiled and greeted me every morning. But not my good pal. When she & I asked why, he said because I remind of Alicia Keys. :) Continuing on by stating, she's of mixed ethnicity. I just smiled back & thanked him.

SHOPPING: Wow! Just like the states. I found absolutely no authentic shopping store to France. What most would call Thrift Stores. I don't think of them as such but I guess because now days, everyone just mass produces the same kinds of junk, then I guess that's why the traditional shops to the town or city or country are considered thrifting, hmmm...Needless to say, I like finding different types of shopping stores that offer something unique to that place. Not the same type of stores that we have back home. Why does every country want to be like America when it comes to shopping?

Touring the City: One day that stuck out was when tried to go to the Louvre. It's impossible to cross the street to get there so we took photos from the other side. Recently, I watched a Youtube video where the people took the stairs underground and across to get there. Geez! We wish that someone had told us that.


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