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A Drive to Myrtle Beach / Things to do in Wilmington, NC

December 2020, we took a 1 1/2 hour drive to Myrtle Beach for the 1st time. Such a pretty place to visit. They really make the best food out here, ya'll :) We ate at this southern kitchen with cornbread & yams. ummm ummmm.... I don't remember eating at any restaurants in Las Vegas that had these delicious dishes. WE wanted to take some home w/us. They also have theme parks & a carnival, right on the beach. Super cool! Even there malls were fancy, yet down to earth, somehow. They have the swanky apartments that are built above the shopping store fronts. Those are amazing & a fave! We see them in the movies, a lot but hardly in real life. Where there's actually folks living in them. When we were in downtown Myrtle Beach, we noticed that it looked a lot like old Vegas. They had the neon lights on the signs & all of the fun is centralized in one spot. Since Myrtle Beach is very close to Wilmington, we can't wait to go back for lots more visits. Especially with spring coming in & there will be more daylight outside.


where did youtravel to in 2020?

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