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Things to do in Wilmington: Greenfield Lake Park

Yay! It's Sunday! And we were able to take afternoon stroll in Greenfield Lake Park. How fun! The trees are so tall & beautiful, not to mention how gorgeous the lake itself is. It's also a great place to take some picturesque photos or do some bike riding, reading or simply walk & take in the fresh air. But know before you go...there are alligators in Greenfield lake. Don't feed them, ok! :) I almost forgot, you can also drive your boat right onto the lake & it's free! Yep! FREE! So grab a picnic basket, your favorite snacks, a board game, a good book, your boat, your family & enjoy the peacefulness & serenity of Greenfield Lake Park in Wilmington, NC.

Picturesque photos in Greenfield Lake in Wilmington, NC

Things to do in Wilmington, NC Greenfield Lake

Don't feed the alligators in Greenfield Lake in Wilmington, NC

Stay safe everyone!


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