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How to slate (acting tips) by Hollywood Actor Waltriessa

As an actor, should you do your slate in character of the role that you'll be playing for the audition? No, absolutely not I talked to a casting director about this one, you guys. And I found out, that is a big no-no. They want to know who you are. They want to know your personality and this is the time that you get to show it. So follow the directions. They're going to tell you if they want you to slate at the beginning or at the end of the audition and they're going to tell you to state your name, your location, sometimes it's your height and there's some other questions that they've been throwing in lately. Just follow the directions, but be your smiley personality self. If you don't smile then, be that person, okay. Good luck guys and break a leg!

We learn so much as actors & sometimes the coaching tips are contradictory, conflicting & confusing. I asked a Feature Film & TV Casting Director, she's one of the one's on Actor's Access & Casting Networks, "How to do a slate?:. I knew that she'd be able to tell me, what does Casting wants to see & hear when we slate. She was able to answer the question, Slate in character or Slate in our own personality?



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