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I auditioned for The Chosen TV Show | Hollywood Actor (east/south) Waltriessa


YIPPEE!!1 The day that I found out that I could audition as an actor to be on The Chosen TV Show. What an honor. Especially because I'm also a Christ follower. eeeeeeeee!!!!!!! The character that I auditioned for had already appeared on the show in this scene but I had no clue b/c I found the unique & intriguing show last year! And I'm glad that I did. Being Christian, I have the hardest time finding movies & TV shows that are appropriate to watch or that interest me at all. The Chosen fits what I have been looking for in a show. I'm keeping it in prayer that I'll have the opportunity for a re-ocurring actor role on-screen or as a voice over actress. I appreciate anyone who will also pray for this opportunity for me as well.


Hi I'm Waltriessa, I am reading for the role of Golda. I'm 5'6, 120 pounds. I've worked locally in Wilmington, North Carolina, Las Vegas and Los Angeles as an actress and the most recent projects I've done was a Bullard Insurance commercial and several commercials for Las Vegas resorts, MGM Grand, Caesar's entertainment and the Madame Tussauds wax museum. I'm also in the Bore five movie playing Aaron Keller's associate


Abner sent me ahead he'll come with friends before the ceremony he asked me to select his table.

Abner likes things his way i'm here to see that they are.

Jasmine Abner is set in his ways it's not personal.

On certain important occasions i've been able to prevail on him.

Yasmin abner is unwavering in his love for your family abner knows you do.

The chupa is croocked


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It's a joyous feeling when my faith & career collide. I auditioned for The Chosen TV Show! What a treat! What do you think of the self tape aidition?

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