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Weekly Actor Vlog (wk #4) In the life | Hollywood Actor Waltriessa

It's week 4 of 2022!!! Here's what happened in my acting career in Hollywood South aka Wilmington, NC. This is my weekly actor vlog about self-tape auditions for Hollywood South & Hollywood East aka ATL or Atlanta.


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Are we doing it, are we going on this Cape Fear Riverwalk? Let's try! You can see the ice melting over the bridge & you can hear the ice melting, WOW! Since the ice been melting on the river walk, i should be okay to walk on here. It shouldn't be that bad. We have some other people that are trying it too. It's sunday morning & there's still lots of snow and ice out here and the sun is shining. I'm just walking very very slowly. With seagulls out this morning, of course. Taking my time here on the Cape Fear Riverwalk. Is it kind of scary and eerie and weird? Yes, because I don't want to fall in that and iI definitely don't want my phone to go flying out in that water but i did it and it was a cool challenge and now i am going to church, Yay! i'm getting out of here & go because, Oh My Gosh! i cannot believe i did this! This is really cool, this is awesome!


Okay, so it's monday nothing really exciting has happened so far monday midday. We did hear back from the University's theater department saying that it's a once in a blue moon that they hire or they allow people who are not students to be in their films or in their productions. Then they said, but with that said we are having some auditions for the community (obviously it's unpaid, just would be something to do). But I don't really think that this is my goal for acting, doing this style that they are looking for, which is spoken word-hypertext. i'm going toa pass. Rehearsals are Wednesdays and Fridays, a total of five hours a week until March, so that's quite a chunk of time there for these rehearsals. Oh! they're turning the unspoken word heightened text into Shakespearean style. So they're gonna try to incorporate it into Shakespeare, interesting!


It's Wednesday & i'm out here for my daily walk in the freezing cold ! It's 45 degrees right now. What's been going on with acting so far this week? Not a whole lot people, not a whole lot. i haven't had any self tape audition requests for me at all this week. so i haven' been able to find anything um on my own as a direct submission or through my agent, but I did find this really good Casting Networks audition but i would have had to pay money in order to submit to this casting and i just don't believe in that. So i will not be submitting to that job. I'm kind of sad about it because it's a really good one. I could tell my agent to submit me for it but I don't know if they submit for stuff like this. like and they're not on my Casting Networks, which I'm not sure why they're not. They're on my Actor's Access and my other casting platforms that I'm on. i could possibly get my other agent in Florida, to submit me. That might be a good idea because I need to submit to that job. It's a good one. What else is going on? Oh! SAG sent me an email about the local office. i don't really understand my local office because it says Mid-Atlantic Washington area & I don't live in Washington. i just don't feel like that area really fits for me. I'm closer to Atlanta and i really wish they would just move my local office to Atlanta.


Fully streamed via one or more electronic communication streaming services are specifically excluded from the category of principal performers. i'm going to go back in just a second because this is another thing, qualified professional performer. The term qualified professional performer means a person who has a prior employment as a performer at least once during the period of three years preceding the date of proposed employment thereon.



Oh my gosh! You guys, this totally just scared me. I was crossing the street and this car started going so slow and it freaked me out! They yelled out and was like, "I love your hair!" and it was a guy, so funny. Oh my gosh! I told him, "thank you", but you could tell the look on my face was like ah cause I was so afraid. Alright ,so what's been going on for acting jobs? Nothing new for actor auditions but we always are keeping our tools sharpened, right? So I went on a cirtual meeting last night with SAG through the SAG office and it was about contracts and you could ask any questions that you wanted after the guy was done talking about contracts. Well he talked for two hours and then there was a lot of people asking questions. It seemed like a lot of them actually work at the SAG Office. The meeting /questions went on for another two hours. It started at 9:30pm on the east coast and 6:30 on California's west coast. By the time 1:30am rolled around, I didn't even want to ask any questions. I was so sleepy and so tired but let's talk about what I did learn from the meeting. I learned three important things in the whole four hours but still it's 3 things that I didn't know before. Residuals: that they are making up some tool, that's coming out soon that will allow you to track your commercials and stuff you do that is able to get residuals. You're going to be able to track it on your own. This will help us because we go on this honor system that when you work an acting gig, that they're just gonna tell you when it's been renewed or that it's still playing and that they're gonna send you a residual check. This has happened to me on the Walking Dead Print Shoot that became a store front and advertisements for a Las Vegas establishment that still runs brochures w/m on them. I also had a friend who did a Best Buy ad print and we walked in the store and the ad was still there. It was well over the year renewal so he had to go fight for his money by himself because the agent didn't want to do it because they were scared of being blacklisted. That's so sad. That's another thing that SAG's doing. Coming down on on the whole blacklisting people over asking for your money. They're cracking down on this. I'm so proud of you guys, that's awesome. I mean it's our union, right. They need to help us. Ok, what else was discussed? Pay to aduition!!! It works like this, if you don't get the acting job, the casting director or the production company will have to pay you half of the session fee. What!? when is this gonna happen? How do we find out more about that because that is pretty amazing to me. This is so incredibly wonderful, that they are going to get us half of the session fee. Whenever we do auditions, you know it just makes sense. We do all this work with all these self tape auditions every single day and use to running around when we had live auditions. And we weren't getting paid for any of that and it's work it's work doing auditions. I love what we do, I love being an actor, I love being a storyteller but we are so underpaid. It's not even funny. I wish they would pay us a daily rate for having to look for work every day on these casting sites but we'll start with the auditions. it's only if you don't book the acting gig itself. If you book the role, obviously you book the job. Then you are going to be able to just get a paycheck so there's no need for you to be trying to ask for another check for your audition. Lastly, I learned, SAG will be setting up meetings once a month with casting directors so SAG members are going to be able to audition for casting directors once a month . i'm like no way!!!! that is going to be so epic! I really hope that, that works out because that makes me so happy that they could be able to pull something off like this. We need opportunities like this. We need to get in front of these casting directors since these agents can't do it all and we sit around hoping that they can. Well, we don't really sit around. We really go out there and try to do direct submissions as well, trying to help ourselves, trying to book work too but they get a cut of all that and everyone's working, trying to figure it out. But I'm so glad that SAG is going to do something because we pay SAG twice a year for dues and that huge initiation fee. I know they do a lot and i know they're able to help us to negotiate contracts and all that kind of good stuff and they have the labs. But like if you don't live in L.A. what benefit are you really getting being SAG at all? Therefore, these are milestones.

Saturday: snow in Wilmington

That is so cool! Look at all the snow on the ground that's the grass. And then there's the Cape Fear River. Oh my goodness gracious, the boats probably have snow on them. Let's go take a look downstairs. Let's go!

We are so excited right now! We have been practicing snowboarding on this boogie board. This is wild! And i'm gonna try it where I actually lay down.

You guys must watch the Youtube Vlog, the ending to this week was a lot of fun, getting to play in the snow. For soemone from the south, this never happens. And I'm a beach baby, so all I want is sunshine.

I hope that you enjoyed the vlog, sww you all next week for the next Weekly Actor's Vlog.


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